Trillions of data.

Records, art, books, archives, inventories, locations, organisations, monuments, history…

Billions of people.

Citizens, researchers, teachers, historians, curators, scholars, marketeers, media…

Infinite connections.

Heritage, family, places, events, causal relationships, collective memory, Linked Open Data…

One platform.

Open, participative, engaging, collaborative, productive, social, communities of purpose…


Memlinq Logo

Panel 1

Connecting people through history, heritage, and open data.

Access, use, and link trillions of historical data

Exploit the data and objects made available to you by libraries, archives, museums and research databases via Linked Open Data, and connect them and enrich collective knowledge and understanding.

Panel 2

Social collaboration, co-creation, knowledge networks.

Users will access Memlinq through a multitude of interfaces that adapt to their needs – either at home, at work, or on location. They can search, use and enrich information. Through open collaboration and social media functionality, they can work together and co-create and leverage new knowledge.

The platform gives access to all digitised heritage from authoritative sources. It also integrates research databases from institutions worldwide. Items include objects (art, documents, books, music…), places (houses, sites, monuments, towns…), structures (associations, companies, institutions…), and events (sports, politics, history…). They all come with a unique curated profile. This also applies to people. Not only to historical profiles, but also to the users themselves.

Through factual information derived from heritage objects, research work, and public registers, users will connect the profiles and validate the relationships. The profile of an artist connects with his works, an event with its protagonists, a house with its occupants, an organisation with its members. And, the user himself connects with his family, his associations, his work, his home, and local history.

Through social media functionality and open collaboration, Memlinq becomes an engine for the creation of new knowledge and insights.


Panel 3

We can make history, together.

Memlinq serves a broad variety of interests and unfulfilled requirements. It facilitates new approaches in education, research and citizenship. It delivers commercial opportunities in tourism, entertainment, and industry. And, it’s also about fun.

Heritage organizations will promote their collections and build online communities, and their audiences can interact directly with objects and themes. Researchers will access information across disparate sources, write and document articles and books, and promote, collaborate and dialogue about their work with the public. Professionals in private enterprise and government will leverage new information and technology to develop stories and foster closer affinity with the public. Enthusiastic citizens can pursue their passions and join collaborative communities of purpose where they can unleash their creativity.

Every citizen, teacher, student and professional can join, participate, discover, and learn. And, leverage history, heritage and culture for collective knowledge and memory.



Panel 4

Own your share of Memlinq.

Memlinq could well be one of the most interesting initiatives in web applications and social media. The company will evolve through multiple development and investment cycles. In its first stages, its capital is open to equity crowdfunding. This means that everyone can own a share.

Discover how you can seize the opportunity by registering through the links below – without obligations. Memlinq will notify you of the start of the formal crowdfunding program – in August 2017.

Panel 5

Hard-wiring the world through knowledge.